June 2nd vote for Gregory Coll primary deadline fast approaching

Gregory Coll, republican candidate for congress from Maryland District 8, wants to remind you that the deadline for voting in the primary election is fast approaching. Only seven days left to take action and exercise your right and privilege to vote on or before June 2,2020, as a responsible American citizen. You should already have received a ballot in the mail. Just fill in your vote and drop it back in the mail in the pre-paid envelope. In the event that the mail does not work for you, there will be limited polling places open on June 2, 2020, the very last day to postmark your ballot. Please check online for further information on voting in person and drop boxes. Gregory Coll needs your vote; every vote is essential to have the best candidate to beat the incumbent, Jamie Raskin, in November.

Please vote Gregory Coll, Representative in Congress District 8.

About Gregory Coll:

Gregory Coll, rocket scientist, businessman, family man married with three children, is a Republican candidate for Maryland Congressional District 8. Priorities: Healthcare Services, Strong Military, and Pro-Life. Strengths: Problem Solving, Leadership, and Management.

Contact Information:

Gregory Thomas Coll Gregory Coll for Congress

Address: PO Box 34640 Bethesda, MD 20827


Website: https://www.gregorycoll.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gregorycoll2 Donate: https://secure.winred.com/gregory-coll-for-congress/donate

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