Gregory Coll's Campaign Launch Maryland District 8 U.S. Congress

This is what the beginning of a win looks like.

Gregory Coll launched his campaign for U.S. Congress Maryland District 8. He announced his run for the 8th Congressional District of Maryland seat in the U.S. Congress. He said "It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to represent the people of the 8th District of Maryland." He promised that he will use all of the powers responsibly, and not waste resources for personal or party political gain. He was respectfully confident he will win in the primary election due to his sizable advantage in experience and skills against others that are running, and noted his biggest challenge will be getting the word out and communicating with voters, about his solutions to the issues. He has a detailed campaign plan that clearly shows a win with significant positive margins if the strategies and activities are executed effectively in the primary election. The general election will not be as straight forward as the primary. With many current events eroding the internal support for Jamie Raskin and with the detailed plan that Greg has laid out he knows he can win. It will take the support of his friends and family, it will take the support of the constituents, it will take the support of the Republican party, it will take the support from some Democrats and Independents, it will not be easy, though in the end he will win, and by doing so you the people of this great United States of America, great state of Maryland and this great District 8 will win. Don't sit back and think someone else will help, someone else will standup for us, for you, because that is not the case. The time is now, we have been conserving for this moment, and now is the time to strike. Get up, get going, and do your part to help yourself and together we will win!

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