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Constitution / Citizenship Day Celebration Picnic in the Park

Gregory Coll Celebrated Constitution and Citizenship Day at the Tilden Woods Local Park with Friends, Family, campaign supporters, and others from the Montgomery County GOP, Potomac Women's Republican Club and more. We had an awesome celebration recognizing the adoption of the United States Constitution and all Citizens. The Republican Rally also served as a fresh start to the 2022 general election cycle. We had some yard games setup and there was free food, drinks, and some cake on Saturday September 17th. We also be giving away t-shirts guests. A number of children participated and received free hot dogs, chips, drinks and t-shirts. If you were there supporting or could not make it and helped sponsor the event, Thank You!

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Volunteer Today

We need some more volunteers for Gregory’s campaign as we make the final push! Click here to make phone calls, knock on doors, or post content in support of Gregory on your social media channels.


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