Completed Certificate of Candidacy

On 1/10/20 I drove to Annapolis just before the Maryland State Board of Elections closed for the day. On the way, I could not stop thinking about how life changing this moment will be for me. I had planned for months for this day and as it passed, it just felt so simple. As I drove down the final street on the way to the office everything started to feel so familiar to me. All the buildings started to look like a recent memory and then I saw one of the bird statues and realized that I had just been here not too long ago with my family on a mini vacation. We stayed at the Westin Annapolis and had walked that very street just months before. As I continued down the street I kept looking for this large office building and pictured in my mind a courthouse looking historical building though when my google maps app showed that I had arrived, and I was at an ordinary few story office building with a small car entry point, I decided this must be it, and turned into the parking area. There was no large sign, grand pillars or staircase. I arrived in the parking lot and all I kept seeing were no parking signs. I did however see a lady entering her vehicle and appeared to be leaving, so I put my window down and asked her, if this was in fact the Maryland State Board of Elections. She was extremely kind and replied yes, and then proceeded to instruct me where to park and told me to go to the second floor. So, I did. When I arrived I filled out some paperwork and then had to repeat my name into a microphone twice before I received the official Certificate of Candidacy. I just kept thinking to myself well that was easy. Some extremely welcoming people gave me some advice while I was there and volunteered to take a picture of me next to the Maryland State Board of Elections sign. Here is a picture that was taken.

1/10/20 marked the official first day of my run for Representative U.S. Congress Maryland District 8, and I'm extremely happy to report how smooth and comfortable the day's events really were. I can only hope that the activities in my detailed plan to win the primary election in April and later general election in November go so effortlessly. I will need support from my friends, family, and all of the great people of Maryland District 8 to win, so that I can be the voice of Maryland District 8 in the U.S. Congress. Thank you so much for all of the support everyone has provided it is greatly appreciated.

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