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"Gregory Coll, a rocket scientist, a married man with three children, and an advocate for maintaining peace and safety in our neighborhoods... is the right choice for America."  - Congressman Andy Harris

Vote for Gregory Coll for Congress!

Gregory Coll, is the Republican candidate for Maryland Congressional District 8, and is the right choice for America.

Priorities: Safety and Security, Economic Growth, Strong High Tech Military

Strengths: Problem Solving, Leadership, and Management

Military and Defense

Gregory Coll believes the U.S. needs a strong military with an emphasis on defense to combat growing threats domestically and abroad.  Staying ahead in military technology is critical to maintaining U.S. global leadership and keeping our communities safe at home.  Maryland is a leader in the field and has one of the largest defense contractors in District 8.  As a really inspiring story which speaks to the great technology coming out of Maryland, when each state was asked to bring an item to the White House, Maryland brought a Joint Strike Fighter: an advanced fighter aircraft.  Gregory Coll wants to develop the high technology systems that are required for the U.S. military and the defense of the nation.


Gregory Coll believes the U.S. must maintain a balanced budget. This requires intelligent, thoughtful consideration of each line item, and a focus on needed, not unnecessary items.  We need to stop runaway government spending and the worst inflation in 40 years.  Reduce taxes and simplify regulation to improve our economy. 


Health Care

Gregory Coll believes patients should come first in the U.S. healthcare system.  Healthcare systems run by governments are inefficient, have reduced standards of care, and diminish patient and physician relationships.  A healthcare system based on free market principles promotes competition, drives down costs, and gives the power to the patients and physicians caring for them.  Gregory Coll believes Flexible Spending Accounts with unspent money should roll over with zero restrictions.


U.S. veterans sacrificed to support the freedom of this country.  Gregory Coll's support for our veterans is unwavering and plans to fully fund the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.  

Gun Violence

Gregory Coll will support your local police in stopping criminal activity and cracking down on illegal possession of firearms without sacrificing law-abiding citizens’ rights to bear arms.  We need to back the Blue, increase funding for the police, empowering them to improve public safety.  

Schools and Education

MD's Congressional District 8 Schools have been some of the best in the nation developed around the thriving neighborhoods we love and trust.  They are currently on the decline.  We need to provide educational options to parents, strengthen parental rights, and end CRT in our public schools.  Gregory Coll supports early childhood education and plans to increase funding for the next generation with a focus on supporting State and local education activities, giving power to those most knowledgeable of the needs of the students.  Gregory Coll supports women in STEM education.  

Environment and Climate Change

Our environment needs to be conserved and maintained for future generations.  Gregory Coll wants to continue to study and address environmental concerns, stop pollution, and stop over-stressing our natural resources, especially marine resources like fisheries.  Gregory Coll believes climate change is real and needs to be addressed rationally and with an associated risk-and-return posture. Gregory Coll is a rocket scientist and has studied the physical sciences for most of his life, and is knowledgeable about remote-sensing from spacecraft.  Gregory Coll will be able to interpret the hard, physical facts from speculation and un-anchored analytical results.



Gregory Coll wants to promote and welcome legal immigration and put a stop to illegal border crossings.  Illegal immigration is not good for this country or the individuals participating in it. Passing legislation to increase the legal immigration caps while simplifying legal immigration processing is key; especially when the individuals have studied in the U.S. and have employment sponsored support.  Gregory Coll wants to attract the best people from around the world.  Gregory Coll wants to keep the criminals and illegal immigrants out, thereby reducing the burden on U.S. law enforcement and welfare systems. 


National Space Policy 

The last 50+ years of space has given the nation a sense of pride and accomplishment.  The U.S. has invested in the technology to expand space operations and completed needed non-recurring engineering to kick start a new space economy.  In the next 20+ years, this investment is expected to pay off with the space economy anticipated to skyrocket to $1 trillion.  Gregory Coll wants to use experience in space systems to help guide new space policy.  Gregory Coll will simplify regulations and space flight requirements, and deliver a common framework for the nation to operate in space.  Gregory Coll wants to maintain the U.S. leadership in space technology and help make U.S. industry the market developer of this new space economy.  

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Take Part in Something Great


Putting Gregory Coll's Experience
to Work

When elected, Gregory Coll will be putting experience to work for this great nation.  Gregory Coll will staff the office with highly skilled individuals that have the working knowledge to execute the goals and objectives that are defined for them.  Gregory Coll will draft linked requirements for each goal and all of the sub-objectives that are defined.  These requirements will be tracked and implementation plans will be drafted for each.  While making progress, the status of each requirement will be given monthly and the goals and objectives will be iterated as needed to align with the input from the team and constituents of the district.

As specific requirements and objectives are met, verification documentation will be shown and reported back to the team and the constituents.  For major events and milestones in the process, press conferences and releases will be held and status will be posted.  The office will supply support for issues and current events as needed with a systematic method, and work hard to avoid reactive positions without researching and conducting evaluations internally before giving opinions on subject matters. The office will be structured to minimize waste and maximize efficiencies to provide the best value to the people.



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